Best Winter Running Jackets for Cold Weather Runs: Review

Winter Running Jackets

Winter is here and the thought of setting out for a run in the cold without you pick the best mens bomber jacket is enough to make the hardiest runner shiver in his shoes. There are hundreds of winter running jackets out there, but do they all provide excellent protection from the elements, lightweight, ventilated comfort for easy winter running — and good value for money?
This article picks out three of the best winter running jackets currently on sale in the shops. So if you are just looking for a new jacket, or hunting for that perfect Christmas present, take a look at these beauties!
Nike Storm Fly Running Jacket
At only 6 oz or 172 grams, this is a seriously lightweight winter running jacket. Available in bright orange, silver, blue and black, this jacket from Nike offers an attractive, fitted design with complete waterproofing. With taped seams and covered vents, as well as a low hem and breatheable fabric, this jacket is made for those cold winter runs. At $118 or £75, this is one of the more expensive …

Fishing During the Early Spring Season

I’m sure you can always catch a fish or two during the early spring season in Yosemite. The rivers and lakes are so abundant you don’t even have to try hard. And while you’re waiting, or relaxing, for a fish to take your bait, you’ll enjoy the best scenery brought by Sierra Nevada. Here are top experiences that you should try the next time you visit Yosemite in spring:
Visit the local shop
I’ve bought my fishing rod in Yosemite Village Sport Shop in Yosemite Valley. They sell all the equipment and materials I need for any kind of fishing adventure. You can also get your license there.
Try Quiet Fishing
The first time I experienced quiet fishing, I was amazed. There are several great quiet spots for fishing, especially along the river of Merced. You can also find several good fishing spots in Yosemite Mariposa County.
Fish with a Local Guide
Though I’ve gone back to Yosemite again and again for 6 years, I’m still able to gain new and exciting experiences. …