Fishing and Smoking Cannabis

Fishing and Smoking Cannabis

Fishing is one of the ancient activities ever done by humans. Many anglers go out to look for fish in the sea, and it takes a lot of time to get a good catch. According to the article published by, the process is considered to be a fun outdoor activity.
Since fishing takes a lot of time, it has been common for some fishermen to smoke marijuana while waiting for a catch. Here are some of the benefits they get when they use it while fishing:

Become more friendly with others – Fishing involves many people, and they sometimes may be strangers. However, while smoking marijuana, they can know each other and what they love about fishing, and in the process, important friendships are created.
Acts as a pastime activity – Smoking marijuana helps pass the time while waiting for a big catch from the sea. It kills boredom by anglers in the heavy sea tides.
Acts as a relaxation product – Fishing is stressful, especially when the sea tides are …

Firearms on a Fishing Trip

Fishing Trip

Fishing trips are not the usual setting when you think about the times when you need to bring these gifts or firearm. After all, you don’t often expect to be attacked while out fishing. However, while drowning and getting lost are often more common, there are still incidents when some with ill intentions take advantage of the relative solitude nature provides.
As such, bringing a firearm on your fishing trip can prove to be valuable for your security. However, there are a few things you should take note of if you want to remain safe even while carrying a firearm.
Why Bringing a Gun Can Be Helpful
As mentioned, it’s not exactly the first place where you think you’d bring a gun. In fact, some would suggest a pepper spray would be a better option instead.
While it’s true that it’s less likely to be deadly in the wrong hands, pepper spray has the disadvantage of requiring that you be within close range of your attacker if you want to defend yourself.
With that said, guns can be …

Fishing During the Early Spring Season

I’m sure you can always catch a fish or two during the early spring season in Yosemite. The rivers and lakes are so abundant you don’t even have to try hard. And while you’re waiting, or relaxing, for a fish to take your bait, you’ll enjoy the best scenery brought by Sierra Nevada. Here are top experiences that you should try the next time you visit Yosemite in spring:
Visit the local shop
I’ve bought my fishing rod in Yosemite Village Sport Shop in Yosemite Valley. They sell all the equipment and materials I need for any kind of fishing adventure. You can also get your license there.
Try Quiet Fishing
The first time I experienced quiet fishing, I was amazed. There are several great quiet spots for fishing, especially along the river of Merced. You can also find several good fishing spots in Yosemite Mariposa County.
Fish with a Local Guide
Though I’ve gone back to Yosemite again and again for 6 years, I’m still able to gain new and exciting experiences. …