My Experience in the Annual Fly Fishing Event in Yosemite

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to every angler who joined us in the Annual Fly Fishing Event last year. It was another rewarding and exciting experience for everyone.

Looking back at our last year’s experience in Yosemite, it seems like it’s just yesterday that I was able to assist an experienced angler. We hooked into a big wild brown trout on a spring creek. It was a challenge to try out different techniques in fly fishing. We had hardships and yet, it was absolutely fun. We broke three rods that time, but we eventually caught a 95 cm trout.

The Yosemite Fly Fishing guide encourages you try a variety of styles to practice in fishing. Actually catching the fish is just part of the adventure. There’s also excitement in the waiting and hauling reeling in the fisth. Because Yosemite is so rich in trouts, fly fishing anglers come back to join the event every year. I am one of them, of course.

If you plan to join the next annual event, you might want to remember the following regulations:

  • It is not allowed to fish from the docks and bridges.
  • You should not use or possess any dead or alive minnows or other bait amphibians, fish, roe, or non-preserved fish eggs.
  • Rainbow trout are only catch-and-release.
  • The allowed number of possessing brown trout is limited to only 5 or 10 per day.
  • Bait fishing is not allowed. However, flies that have barbless hooks or artificial lures can be used.
  • Mirror Lake is just open during the stream fishing season as it is considered as a stream.
  • There’s also trout limit and some rules to follow in the Tuolumne River ranging from the O’Shaughnessy Dam downstream to the Early Intake Diversion Dam.

Following the regulations above ensures that we keep the marine life of Yosemite National Park healthy.

To know about the next Annual Fly Fishing Event, keep an eye on the announcement. I will post it here a month or two before the date.

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