Fishing in Merced River During Winter: Tips and Tricks

How can I ever forget my first fishing endeavors in the Merced River of Yosemite? On recommendation from Fishermen’s Angle, I found the river runs through Yosemite National Park for about 10 miles. The amazing thing about it is that it is overflowing with trout.

As the winter season in Yosemite brings snow, it also brings rain to the lower elevations. This officially opens the “Muddy Water Fly Fishing” season in Yosemite. I’ve been fishing there for 6 years, and I’ve discovered some tricks, like how to find trolling motor batteries, in catching trout during the winter season. Here are some tips that you might be able to use.

Bring the right equipment

I set up my rig in the muddy water for the first time, all while sitting on my fishing chair, and I’ve found myself in a somewhat ridiculous situation. When you know that the water is becoming muddy and dirty, I swear you’ll learn not to use the 5x or 6x tippet. What you need is a 1x to 3x tippet.

Position yourself at the right location

Based on my experience, the visibility of fish is cut by sixty-six percent. Thus, using a small tippet is last among your worries.

As soon as your rig is ready, make sure to find the correct holding water. It is during these times that trout want to remain tucked in the slow area or sections. Therefore, look for side boulders and trees, turing banks, pocket at the back of big boulders, and just anywhere near the bottom of the river where they stick in the slower current. The difficult part is in presenting a quality fly on these locations. Chances are that you have to cast a few times to allow the trout to see your fly along the muddy water.

Use the right bait

Once your rig is ready for a big fish and the holding water is set, you must get the fly towards the trout then ensure it has the chance to eat it. I really like to fish “Large and in Charge” flies in the muddy water. It’s something like a turd flies, stoneflies, wooly buggers, and tungsten beaded squirmy wormies. Usually, my set includes a black turd fly in size 10 with a pink squirmy wormy.

Fishing in Merced River During Winter may sound complicated. However, if you try it, you will absolutely yearn for more time to fish!

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