Fishing And Guest Posting: What Do They Have In Common?

Fishing And Guest Posting

Each and everyone has a hobby or two that they consider to be a source of joy, relaxation, and fulfillment. Going outdoors for an afternoon of fishing and guest posting on websites to promote your blog are just two of these activities that people engage in to pass the time. While these two may, at first, look like polar opposites of a spectrum. Would you believe it if claim that they are pretty similar to each other? Read on to find out.

A Lot Of Research

When you hear the word fishing, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it something along the lines of casting a fishing line into some body of water and waiting for hours for some sea creature to take the bait? Tell that to any seasoned fisherman and they’ll say it’s just a small part of the whole process. Before actually boarding a boat to start reeling in some scaly friends, fishermen will have to get to know the fishing spot first. Stuff like asking the locals around for the best time of the day to fish and the type of fish that frequent the area will be of great help in achieving one’s goal: to catch fish. In a similar fashion, guest posting will involve a lot of research, too. You have to acquaint yourself with the trends in the topic you intend to specialize in so that you will have an idea of what to write about. This way, you’ll be able to tick off your target, which is to bring in more people to your blog.

Adequate Preparation

Once you have figured out what to write about in your guest post or when and where to fish in the lake, it’s time to put to use what you have learned and take out the tools of your trade. Fishermen make sure that their fishing lines, hooks, and rods are in tiptop shape before any planned fishing trip. On the other hand, guest posting would mean taking out your pen and paper to outline the things that you will be talking about in your guest post, making a rough first draft and finally, a finished piece. Do take note that your article must be somehow relevant to the content of the blog you wish to guest post on. After all, you would not want to stick out like a sore thumb and turn your target audience away, right?

Bait And Reel!

Now’s the time you have been waiting for. With all the preparations done, all that’s left to do is the attack itself. Toss your fishing line into the murky waters of uncertainty and publish your guest post to the blog that you have partnered with. From here on, things will be a tough waiting game that will test your patience to the limits. Who will be the lucky fish to take the bait, or in the guest poster’s case, the audience whose eyes will get entangled with your special feature? Are you seeing some significant movements that might signal a catch? Quick! Reel it in before it swims away! Make sure to put your best face forward and keep your blog content up to date and interesting to earn yourself a new fan or maybe some nice salmon to roast by the fire later for dinner. Surely, by now, you can already see how fishing and guest posting are pretty similar, right?

Indeed, it is the things that one is passionate about that breathe color into one’s existence, and fishing and guest posting are just some of these. With their surprising similarities that don’t really seem evident on the surface, it might help to be capable of seeing something from a different perspective—who knows, it might be the exact thing that will help you survive the competition that blogging entails.

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