What to Wear During a Fishing Trip?

What to Wear During a Fishing Trip

Are you contemplating about going for a fishing trip but don’t know which clothes to carry? Having the right fishing clothes is just as important as having the appropriate fishing equipment. You need to know how to dress for a warm fishing trip and a cold fishing trip. So, here are some tips on what every angler should wear when going on a fishing trip.

What to Wear in Warm Weather?


A lightweight shirt will protect your hands and shoulders from sunburn and bad weather. It is recommended that you consider custom t-shirts made from nylon material as they are light, breathable, and comfortable to wear.

Also, opt for long-sleeved Shirts that you can always roll up in order to provide additional protection to your arms. Another tip is to choose shirts that come with roll-up collars so as to offer protection to your neck from the sun’s rays.

You need shirts and t-shirts with colors that will blend well with your fishing environment as well. For instance, grey and light blue colors work well when fishing in shallow waters.


Shorts are great to wear during the day when the weather gets warm. You may want to choose pants that can easily be converted into shorts. This way, you can use the pants on water or when it gets cold and remove them when it gets warm. Additionally, consider shorts that come with plenty of pockets for carrying small fishing equipment.

Base Layer

A thin, breathable shirt is great as a bottom layer as it helps trap body heat when the weather is chilly and keep you cool when the weather is warm. For the base layer t-shirts, it is recommended to choose materials with anti-odor properties and one that allows moisture to escape your body.


It is very vital to wear the right shoes when fishing since you want your feet to be comfortable. Good quality shoes will not only protect your feet but also keep you from slipping. When wading, close-toed shoes would be appropriate, but when you are fishing from the boat, opt for sandals. Another essential factor to consider when choosing your fishing footwear is waterproof material.


While on your fishing trip, consider carrying a wide-brimmed hat with a hard liner to protect you from the sun’s rays. Unlike other hats and caps, a wide-brimmed hat will protect your head, neck, and ears from sun overexposure. Also, ensure that the hat is made from breathable material. Sunglasses will also protect your eyes from the intensifying effects of the sun.

What to Wear in Cold Weather?

Layering Pieces

When taking cold fishing trips, it is always worth layering up as much as possible. For instance, a polar fleece comes with a number of thicknesses and weights so as to keep you warm throughout the trip.

Heavy Jacket

You definitely need a heavy jacket in cold weather. Consider wearing an insulated jacket which is great for those morning boat rides.

Synthetic Socks and Insulated Gloves

In the case of cold climates, make sure you bring along wool or synthetic socks and undergarments. Also, an insulated hat and gloves will keep your hands and head warm.

Rain Gear

Do not forget to bring quality rain gear to keep you dry during a heavy downpour.


Whether you are planning a fishing trip in a cold or warm climate, it is vital to ensure that you wear the appropriate clothing. The right clothes will make you comfortable and give you an exceptional fishing experience.

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