Getting a Fishing License

Fishing License

Because of marine life conservation policies, some states would require you to get a license before you can legally fish anywhere. According to research released by Top5BackGroundChecks, if you happen to be an enthusiastic angler, then it’s definitely worth it to get yourself a license so you can enjoy yourself all summer. The big question is how do you get a license? While different states may have slightly different requirements, they’re all generally the same. We’ll go through some of the things you need in order to get a fishing license.

How Do You Apply for a License?

In order to get a license, you have to apply first. Now, the best way to apply for a license is through online. Each state would have its own set of regulations and rules when it comes to applying for the fishing license. So, all you have to do is Google search for the website of your state where you can apply. After that, provide the necessary requirements needed by the state and read the regulations. The state might have to do some small background checks on you (they’d usually hire third-party background check services) before you get your ID, but the overall process is quite fast.

What is the Age Requirement?

Different states have different age requirements. However, most of the states would require you to be at least 17 years old before you can get a license. There are some states that allow 16-year-olds (like Alabama) to already get a license. You have to check with your state regulations first to know if you are of the right age to apply.

How Much is A License?

Typically, a license would cost around $50 or even less. These licenses are rather low costing so you don’t have to worry about spending too much for them. Just make sure that you prepare at least $50 for your license.

How Long Does the License Last?

Now, how long does your license last before you have to renew it? Again, this would depend on the state that you are in. It will also depend on the type of license you get. You see, other states require you to have more than one license before you can fish. An example would be Montana, wherein you need to have a fishing license and a conservation license before you can buy a rod. Typically, these licenses would last a year. In some states, the licenses may even be for a lifetime. However, lifetime passes may cost more and may need more requirements.


Are you an avid angler who just loves to fish? If so, then it’s definitely worth it for you to get yourself a fishing license. The great thing about fishing licenses is that they are very easy to get. Unlike other IDs, this one has a very fast processing time. That way, you can buy your rod in the next few days after you apply. Just show your license and the store owner will sell the fishing equipment to you. From there, you can make your way down to the lake and try to get yourself a big catch.

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