High-Class Asian Arowana Fish Is So Popular That People Spend Hundreds For Its Plastic

High-Class Asian Arowana Fish

In some parts of the world, for example, in Singapore, giving your goldfish plastic surgery is a common practice. The Asian Arowana fish has seen it all. From facelifts to chin jobs to eye lifts, this fish has undergone several facelifts. Many of the plastic surgeon use PracticeBloom plastic surgery marketing for new leads and business.

Why Does The Asian Arowana Have A High Value?

The Asian Arowana is the most expensive aquarium fish. Its price ranges from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. This fish is valued highly because it resembles a Chinese dragon, which is associated with good fortune and wealth. The fish has adopted the name Golden Dragon Fish. It is believed that owning this fish will give you wealth and good fortune. Most of the rich Chinese businessmen have this fish. There is a legend about the Asian Arowana that says that the fish has a tendency to leap out of their tanks to warn owners when they are about to make a bad investment.

Why Is The Asian Arowana Done For Plastic Surgery?

The fish has glimmering scales and whiskers, which are achieved through genetic engineering. The appearance of the Asian Arowana is just as important as its health.  A fish cosmetic surgeon (this is a real profession in Asia) charges around 90$ for a typical eyelift and $60 for a chin lift.

Just like the way humans have a set standard of beauty, so do fish. A ‘perfect’ Arowana fish should have bright eyes, straight feelers, shimmering red scales and round tails and fins. All these are achieved through DNA technology and a going under the knife. These standards are also used for marketing the plastic surgery.

Some people tend to think that subjecting the fish to surgery is cruel ad it is against animal rights. However, Eugene NG, a fish cosmetic surgeon in Singapore, says that performing surgery on the fish is actually doing the fish a favour. The fish will have an appealing appearance and the owner will love it much more.

What Is The Future of The Asian Arowana?

This fish was first classified in 1975. It was from this classification that it gained popularity as a luxury pet. Consequently, it was banned from international trade. A black market trade for the Asian Arowana developed and expanded. The wild population was devastated.

In 19880, the breeding of the fish was legalized in an attempt to end the black market. This breeding, however, had some restrictions. The pet fish is now being produced in huge masses of about hundreds of thousands every year. However, the wild counterparts never recovered and continue to be endangered species.

Owning the Arowana fish is much more than having good fortune and wealth. There have been several attempts where people have tried to steal the fish. In Singapore, a man punched an elderly woman before stealing her fish. Elsewhere, another man was sentenced to 3 years in prison with 12 strokes for attempting to steal an Arowana from a fish shop. It is without a doubt that this is the most high-class fish in the world.

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