How To Properly Dress For Fishing

Dress For Fishing

The weekend is coming up. You’ve made plans. You have gone to the store and bought all the necessary fishing equipment – rods, hooks, lines, sinkers, floats, rods, reels, baits, lures and whatnot. Everything is ready, but you feel you are still missing out something. If you have no idea what to wear, have a look at the checklist here and decide the best for you.

Fishing is a fun activity that can be enjoyed in all weathers, only if you have the necessary equipment as well as the right clothing for the trip. Dress style is as important as the fishing gear on a fishing trip. However, many people tend to ignore that and come back bruised and burned from the trip. No worries! Here are some tips to help you decide what to wear on your next trip.

Wear Multiple Layers

The weather can be unpredictable and that can be a pain during fishing. Hence, it is advisable to carry multiple layers of clothing in case of a sudden weather change. The uppers should always be lightweight, light-colored, and made of a breathable material. Many people prefer wearing vests over their clothing as they add an extra layer of warmth and the sleeveless design does not hinder their mobility. Wearing a quick-dry t-shirt underneath helps absorb all your sweat and keep you odor-free.

Choose Comfort Over Style

While there is nothing wrong with styling your wardrobe, fishing is a strenuous activity and your clothing can become your enemy if it’s not comfortable. Wear shorts or bottoms that offer more layering and flexibility while fishing. A popular choice is zip-off cargo pants which can be converted into shorts easily. Try and choose bottoms that are quick-dry or waterproof.

Protect Your Feet

While fishing does not necessarily involve walking, having the right footwear is important. Lightweight shoes with a soft footbed are the ideal choice. You want to choose a pair of shoes that come with an inbuilt drainage tunnel which helps in funneling out the unwanted water that may have entered the shoes. You can also choose Wading Boots that offer sticky rubber soles for increased grip.

Take Shield From The Sun

The heat can climb to crazy high levels during a fishing trip. Wearing a good hat and gloves can protect you from sunburn. Make sure to apply a good waterproof, oil-free and hypoallergenic sunscreen all over your exposed skin before stepping out under the sun.

Carry Luggage Bags

Always carry extra clothing layers, towels, and other necessary equipment in a duffel bag with you. A lightweight, waterproof and multi-pocketed bag is the best option to help you carry that extra luggage on your trip.

Always try to purchase your clothing from trusted brands such as Simms, The North Face, Mountain Hardware and Marmot for the best experience on your trip. It is also advisable to always carry a high-quality life jacket along with you for protection.

Knowledge of dress style can intensify your fishing trip and make it one of the most cherished experiences of your life. Stay safe and keep doing what you love.

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