A Beginner’s Guide to Bikefishing


If you are a fan of bikepacking and fishing, then bikefishing is for you. According toUSAALL, Many people play fishing as a sport, and biking is a common sport in many places in the world. However, when the two sports are mixed, an adventurous sport called bikefishing is born. In case you’re wondering, it’s a great sport if you’re an outdoor person who likes to go on nature tours.

You are probably wondering how people go fishing on a bike or using a bicycle. Well, here is a guide on bikefishing to kill your curiosity.

Bikefishing is simply using a bike to move around or along waterways hunting for fish. The bike is also used to carry fishing equipment. Here’s how you, as a beginner, can start:

Pick the Right Bike

Fat bikes are more ideal when it comes to bikefishing. Fat bikes make it easy to tackle the trails and game paths along the bank of rivers and streams. The right bike should also have either front or rear racks where you can pack your fishing gear.

You can also pick from a variety of electric bikes that can be used for bikefishing. You might need to apply bright paint on one part of the bike to make it easy to find if you hide it in a bush.

Pick Good Shoes and Pedals

The right shoe and pedal can either make it easy for you to bikefish or exhausting after an hour into your trail. Flat pedals are suitable for bike fishing since they make it effortless to pedal.

For shoes, go for wading boots with some buoyancy characteristics. The right type of shoes should make it easy for you to hike and wade with them. Additionally, they should be lightweight, allows you to move in and out of the water, and dries fast.

Find some shoes that have all those characteristics and you’ll be good to go. Keep in mind that the right shoe and pedal will save you a lot of energy, allowing you to bikefish for 8 hours continuously without tiring.

Pick the Right Fishing Rod

Depending on the type of fishing you wish to carry out, the right type of rod is important. The wrong choice of a rod might take you on a killing spree while you are sportfishing, which is cruel and illegal in some states.

Use a spinning rod if you are going to have the fish for dinner, but if you intend to release the fish afterward, a fly rod is more effective. The rod should also be lightweight to fit on your racks or packing gear and save you some space and weight.

Choose the Right Route

Not all trails are accessible by bike. Some trails might get you carrying your bike the whole tour, which is not what you would want. Use a local map to look for areas of the waterbody that are accessible or have paths.

Bikefishing is fun and adventurous. Aside from that, it can help you break some new records in the wild if there are any. To be on the right side of the law, check the rules and regulations that govern fishing in that particular area that you seek to bikefish.

In some areas, sport fishing is restricted, and in other areas, it is completely banned. Just make sure to do your research before you head out.

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