Bali Fishing Adventures: Everything You Should Know

Bali Fishing Adventures

Fishing lines and hooks are the best things you can ever hold once you set foot in Bali. According to Jayride, While this Indonesian island paradise takes more pride in their beach resorts and tropical sceneries, bringing your favorite fishing game here is even more fun. The island is teeming with bigger fishes that will surely make all the fishing enthusiasts giddy with joy when having these caught on their hooks.

If you think fishing in Bali is an exciting activity that you must try with your family and friends, then here are some of the things you should know before you arrive in Bali and go on a fishing adventure:

Take advantage of airport transfers. While some fishing and boating companies in Bali that will allow you to rent their fishing equipment and boat for your fishing adventure, you may also bring some of your fishing gears to Bali. Bali airport transfers are available for hire and you can reserve for one prior to your arrival. Most hotels also offer Bali airport transfers during reservation and this will also include transfers to hotel and resorts on the island.

Stay at resorts nearest to boat rental companies. It is more practical to stay near these rental companies than relying on Bali airport transfers. Most resorts in Bali offers scuba diving, snorkeling, and even fishing amenities that will surely make your fishing adventures with your family and friends worth it all. You may want to check out the resorts near boating companies before you fly to the island.

Fishing boat rentals usually have their own captains. Unless you know how to maneuver a fishing yacht, you may want to hire a boat captain for your fishing trip. Most captains in the area know where to sail in order to get the biggest and most valuable catches and even let you know more about the marine ecosystem of Bali. They are expert mariners who can sail around the island and are adept to any boat situations like stuck anchor or engine failure while sailing in the middle of the sea.

Boat rentals are reserved ahead of time. Most boat rental companies do not issue walk-ins the use of their boats especially when all of them are fully booked. However, some would allow as long as those who reserved ahead do not show within hours after their set time. In this case, it is best to reserve for boat use as early as you can. This is if you are separating the payment for the boat rental aside from your hotel accommodation.

The last thing you should remember is that fishing comes in seasons and are not usually available during monsoon periods or during new moon weeks. If you understand this before you go fishing, it is a guarantee that your fishing adventure in Bali is an adventure you wouldn’t forget. Many have come to Bali to go fishing and has never left the island unsatisfied. Memories of friends catching the biggest tuna, mahi-mahi, or even barracudas. So, it is also a guarantee that your fishing trip will also be the same.

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