Fishing Tips You Should Use as a Beginner

Fishing Tips

Fishing can seem pretty daunting and unrewarding when you are just beginning. The most frequent mistake new fishermen make is going unprepared.

There is quite some skill required in successful fishing, especially without fish finders, or you will find yourself at the lake for hours on end in frustration with nothing to show for it.

Here are some fishing tips from experts with hours and hours of experience. You can be almost as successful as with a fish finder with these tips!

Get Plastic Baits and Mark Them

Use a permanent marker to put markings on your soft plastic fish baits. Soon enough, the water will cause the ink to smudge into the bait, making it look even more real. And most importantly, it will attract more fish!

Keep Your Terminal tackles and Swivels Safe

Keep your terminal tackles and swivels safe in a large snap and attach the snap to a place you can easily reach. It will prevent you from losing them later.

Clip Your Trebles

Make sure that your trebles are well crushed and clipped down as this will help keep your line straight and tight when reeling the fish in, thus allowing you to catch much more fish. It will also make the plugs swim straight.

Avoid Tangles

Wind knots are pretty nasty. There are no perfect solutions for preventing them, but they can be minimized. After each cast, use your hand to flip the bail on the spinning reel. It will reduce how much your line twists and make your reel last longer too.

Include Pretty Jigs

Jigs are a type of lure that attracts many species of fish, including smallmouth and largemouth bass. A variety of colored jigs can be adorned with bright tubes and dressed hooks to attract more fish. Experiment a little and find the one that works the best and stick to it.

Protect Your Bait from Short Biters

Some fish species are short biters. This means that they can eat up your dangling bait without getting caught. Aberdeen hooks will protect your bait. You can put the bait on the hook and make sure it remains dangling. Aberdeen hooks also keep live bait moving for longer periods, and it doesn’t damage them. It’s a win-win.

Get Plastic Scrubbing Pads

Plastic scrubbing pads are great for helping you grip slippery eels. They are also great because they can be reused many times, are very easy to clean, and are readily found in the kitchen. It is a better option than a rag any day!

Let the Lure Float

Sometimes, fish come very close to the Topwater fishing lure without striking. Many types of fish prefer baits to lures. A trick you can apply to make lures work better for you is to make the lure still and let it float for about 5 seconds. It attracts fish by tricking them to think it’s bait.

Slow Down Your Live Bait

There is a variety of fish you can catch with live shiners including pike, trout, striped bass, and catfish. However, live shiners can move too fast for the fish to catch. The caudal or tail fin helps the shiner move quickly in the water.  Clipping of the caudal fin will make the fish move more slowly and work much better as bait.

Shave Your Plastic Bill

It will help it float on the surface, and with just the right gentle movement, it will act the same way as live bait.

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