Hiking with an Infant: Properly Handling Diapers

Hiking with an Infant

While most parents prefer not to bring their babies on camping or hiking trips, others let their babies experience breathing fresh mountain air and enjoy the natural environment. Besides, camping can be a very good bonding experience for you and your infant to have. There are a lot of choices to make regarding Diapers When Hiking.

One of the most important things that you need to take into consideration is your Diapers When Hiking. You need to make sure that you prepare all the necessary equipment and supplies you need for changing diapers in the great outdoors. Here are a few tips that you may want to take note of:

Bring Different Kinds of Diapers

It’s good to bring a sufficient number of reusable and disposable diapers. You can bring a pack of disposable diapers, but the reusable ones are the ones to take note of. We suggest that you bring around 3 reusable diapers, especially if you’re going on a long trip.

Bring a Bunch of Ziplocks

These are pretty important because they can store the diapers properly before you throw them in the trash. You can put three used diapers in a quart-sized ziplock and then dump them in the trash bag. For storing new diapers, you can probably fit in around five of them. Take note that these are disposable diapers. You don’t need to store the reusable ones in a ziplock.

Air-Dry Your Baby Wipes

The wetness from your baby wipes can make them extra heavy in your bag. If ever you have an infant with you, you need to make sure you travel light. That’s why it’s a good idea to save some space whenever you can. What a lot of more experienced parents do is that they air-dry their baby wipes beforehand. Once the baby wipes are air-dried, they become lighter. Then, when you need to add moisture, just pour a bit of water on the baby wipes.

Properly Wash the Reusable Diaper

First-time parents usually have trouble washing the reusable diapers because they don’t usually know how to wash them. What we usually do is fill a ziplock bag with water and soak the diaper inside. After that, rinse the diaper three times, and scrub it with some soap. Again, do this three times and then leave it out to dry.

In order to dry the outer diaper quickly, we suggest that you shake it first. After you take out the excess water through shaking, press it in a towel and then hang it. What a lot of parents do is they create a clothesline and leave it to dry. However, do not leave it outside at night since dew might make the diaper even wetter. Bring the clothesline in your tent just to be sure.


Camping with your baby is a great way to expose him or her to the fresh mountain or forest air. It’s also a great experience for the whole family. However, preparations need to be done so everything can go smoothly. Since you need to change your kid’s diapers when hiking, you might as well make sure everything is stored and handled properly so you won’t run into any trouble. This guide can help you with that.

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