Tips That Will Keep Your Dog Safe When You Go Fishing

Dog Safe When You Go Fishing

Fishing is a very relaxing hobby. See here that There are amazingly beautiful and peaceful fishing spots, and your dog will most likely enjoy being outdoors with you.

Of course, not every angler enjoys taking their dog along. But perhaps you fall into the category of anglers who love to carry their pets with them to enjoy nature and fresh air. Perhaps having your dog with you makes you feel safer too.

For that, here are some helpful tips that will help you avoid potentially harmful scenarios when you carry your dog along.

The Basic Tip: Carry Life Jackets/Floatation Devices

This is something you must never leave home without when you take your dog fishing. Life jackets may save your dog’s life one day. Therefore, make sure to invest in a life jacket that is specially made for dogs, and ensure that it fits your dog properly.

It is very handy when you fish using a boat or from the shore. Jackets with a handle you can easily grip are preferred in case your dog has to be picked from the water or if you don’t own a ladder for your boat.

The First Time Tip: Train Your Dog First

If it is the first time you’re taking your dog fishing with you, you will probably spend a lot of time during the trip training your dog.

Before the trip, teach your dog how to obey non-verbal commands. Make sure he can practice them when you go on your first trip.

On your trip, you can begin by spending some time playing with your dog first so that he gets a little tired. When he calms down to rest, use the opportunity to fish for some minutes.

The fundamental advice here is to be extremely patient and watchful of your dog. It may be beneficial for you to go to a secluded fishing spot for a first-time experience until your pet has had a chance to get used to the experience and understand that you go there to fish.

The Safety Tip: Keep Your Dog Away from Shiny Things

Ensure that your pet won’t get anywhere near the hooks, lures, and bait. Keep him tightly closed in a box. Here are additional tips that will keep your dog safe:

  • Prepare only one lure or at a time.
  • Keep the equipment that you’re not using in a safe place your pet can’t get to.
  • When you cast, make sure your pet is not close to your line.
  • Never leave your pole unattended when there is still a bait or hook attached to it.
  • In the scenario that your dog gets a hook inside to it, calm him down, restrict his efforts to remove the hook, and consult a vet immediately.
  • Do not try to remove it by yourself as you may only cause further damage. Surgery may be needed to avoid further damage to the stomach, esophagus, and mouth.

If you’re unable to get veterinary assistance because you’re in a remote place, abide by these instructions:

  • Restrain the dog
  • Try using pliers to push the hook out via the lip
  • If you are able to see it, squish the barb of the hook or cut it off using your pliers
  • Call for veterinary help as soon as you can

The Enjoyment Tip: Have Fun

Ensure that your dog can play with great water, and pay attention to symptoms of heatstroke.

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