Florida Finally Legalizes Openly Carrying Firearms by Fishermen and Hunters

Fishermen and Hunters

One of the most controversial rights in America is the right to carry firearms as provided in the 2nd amendment. This right has brought a lot of debate across all spheres. Many people have gun licenses in Florida; unfortunately, they don’t know the dos’ and the don’ts when it comes to the proper carrying of their firearms. Have a peek at adventurefootstep.com to know more about guns like most firearm instructors also don’t know about the licensing of a gun.

A Look at the Gun Laws in the State

State laws don’t allow carrying guns in Florida. This kind of crime can earn you a fine of about $500 or jail time of about 60 days.  However, this law does not apply to those who are going for hunting, shooting, camping, or fishing activities.

If going for the mentioned activities, you can carry your guns openly even without carrying a license. However, there is always a problem trying to prove that you were carrying a firearm going for the mentioned activities.

This reminds of a story back then about one Michael Taylor who is a fishing enthusiast and member of Florida Carry. He was arrested by police for carrying his fireman openly, and he could not prove that he had gone to perform a fishing activity. At another fishing incident, Michael told of a story where police pointed guns at him; he nearly dropped dead for just carrying his firearm and fishing pole.

However, according to this law, you are required by law to carry your fishing equipment as well as your firearm to be easily distinguished. Florida Statute 790.25 addresses the issue of how to own firearms and other weapons. Section 3(h) states that if anyone is engaged in various activities such as the ones mentioned, he is allowed to carry his guns openly.

It continues to states that if anyone owns a license in any of the suggested activities such as fishing and is not convicted of felony or intoxication, he is allowed to carry his gun openly.

Many people have misused these laws where they use them to gather meetings for armed fishers, thus police officers must interrogate people found carrying firearms openly to know what they are up to.

For example, just recently, police questioned three men who were carrying AR-15S on their necks in Melbourne beach. However, it was later discovered that they were going for fishing activity.  Last summer, there was a situation where a group of around six men was spotted carrying a firearm around Miami beach. However, they were arrested and detained. They threatened to sue Miami beach police officers of what they termed as the use of excessive force.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, there is a need for the state of Florida to ensure that all guns issued to the public are licensed and handled as required by law. This will assist in reducing cases, murder, and theft. Moreover, they shouldn’t let this gun issue go out of hand. Interrogation for anyone carrying a gun openly is also necessary.

Residents of Florida also need to know that not all states have licensed fishers and hunters to carry guns. Thus, before they travel to other states, they need to be well-versed with laws and abide by them.

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