10 Gorgeous Northern Michigan Summer Vacation Spots

Vacation Spots

Northern Michigan, also known as Upper Michigan, is a popular tourist destination and Vacation spots in the state of Michigan. Northern Michigan has plenty of marvelous sights to see and fun activities to do. If you’re looking for a unique kind of summer vacation experience, steering away from the usual U.S tourist spots, then a vacation in Northern Michigan may be for you.

Here are 10 must-visit Northern Michigan summer vacation spots.

The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

The Grand Hotel is a must-visit for those stopping by Mackinac Island. First opened in 1887, this magnificent hotel has hosted several important figures, five of them being United States Presidents. The Grand Hotel features a 220-foot heated pool with lounged chairs around to relax on, Carriage Tours around the Mackinac Island, among other things.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore features lush forest wilderness, dunes of soft sands that meet the blue freshwaters of Michigan Lake, and various hiking trails for those who crave adventure.

The Pictured Rock, Munising

Beautiful sandstone cliffs that show eons of geological history along its face, the Pictured Rock is a must-see wonder of nature. To best experience the Pictured Rock, you must see it up close and personal so going kayaking is the best way. Take a kayaking lesson or book a guided kayaking tour of the Pictured Rock.

The Empire Bluff Overlook

You can take the Empire Bluffs trail, a few minutes of drive from the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore headquarters to reach the gorgeous vistas of the Empire Bluff Overlook.  40 stories high, you’ll see miles and miles of magnificent views, waves crashing against the sands, etc.

The Torch Lake, Antrim County

If you want a Caribbean experience or as close to it as possible, you can visit Torch Lake in Antrim County. Its blue waters can run so clear that you can see the bottom with no problem on still days. It’s also famous for its 4th of July festivities at the sandbars on the south end of the lake.

 The Isle Royale National Park, Lake Superior

Gorgeous blue waters, rugged woodlands, far from the reaches of civilization, the Isle Royale National Park is the perfect place for backpackers, kayakers, hikers, and all manner of adventurous folk. If you’re planning a vacation in Northern Michigan, this is on the top list of must-visit and experience spots.

The Arcadia Overlook, Arcadia

Take on the long 210 step climb to reach the top of Arcadia Overlook to be rewarded with gorgeous views. Relax and have a picnic on the newly built top deck while looking down at the magnificent Lake Michigan.

The Pere Marquette River

The Pere Marquette River is a great place to fish different kinds of fish species including salmon, brown trout, and more. Aside from that, river fishing is one of the most popular sports which is rooted deep in the North Michigan tradition.

The Good Harbor Bay, Maple City

Spend a lovely afternoon at the beaches of Good Harbor Bay, bask in sun and enjoy swimming in the cold waters of the Great Lake. The long stretches of pure white sand will make sure you and your companions have a spot for your own.

The Wilderness State Park, Mackinac Straits

You can go north of the Wilderness State Park to visit the cobbled beaches, stroll through undisturbed beaches that stretch for miles. Visit the Leg Inn to experience authentic Polish cuisine.


North Michigan is a marvelous place for a summer retreat with the family or friends, from the classic style building of The Grand Hotel to the blue waters of Isle Royale National Park; there are plenty of activities and places to visit for different types of people.

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