Fishing in Seoul, South Korea

fishing in seoul

South Korea, as one of the most visited countries in Asia, has an endless number of activities and adventures related to Korean cult which both locals and foreigners can enjoy. May it be about sports, adventures and traveling, religion and Christianity in South Korea, food and restaurants, or for leisure and entertainment, the country got something for everyone for every aspect.

Since Korea is a peninsula, many tourists visit the country to enjoy the different seafood meals offered by its restaurants and pubs. People also come to fish and get to pick their meals by themselves.

Types of Fishing You Can Do in Korea

Depending on what kind of experience you want to enjoy, South Korea offers many types of fishing. The three main types of fishing in the country are coarse fishing (where you fish in inland water sources), sea fishing, and game or sport fishing. Other popular types of fishing both locals and visitors enjoy are ice fishing and fly fishing.

There are places in South Korea that hold festivals and fishing is the main theme of the events. For instance, the Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival occurs every winter in the city of Hwacheon. A major part of the festival, as its name suggests, is ice fishing.

Another annual celebration in the town of Jinbu-myeon is the Pyeongchang Trout Festival, which also takes place during the winter season.

Since Korea is surrounded by water, tourists will never run out of fishing places, as there are enough designated fishing areas throughout the country. The city of Incheon, where South Korea’s international airport is situated, is one of the most popular places to fish.

Also, some companies offer fishing-trip packages that accommodate visitors and locals and help them enjoy an unforgettable fishing experience in South Korea.

Do You Need a Permit to Fish in Korea?

Before you go fishing, this question might have popped up in your head. The answer is no. People who wish to do fishing in South Korea don’t need to secure a permit to be able to fish in inland waters or at sea.

You probably also will not have to pay a fishing fee, but some locations may charge a ticket fee good for a day, especially when you visit a privately-owned fishery. Fishing fees can usually cost you $3 to $5 US Dollars and make sure to bring an ID with you as you might need to present one upon buying a ticket.

However, if you have thought of getting your fishing into a more fun of level and wanted to drive a fishing boat, that’s the time when you need to obtain a license. By taking and passing the boat license test, you’ll be able to experience the fun adventures of a fishing boat.

The Korean boat license test is composed of a written part and a practical test. Also, English-speaking instructors are available to help with the process with non-Korean speaking tourists.


Fishing can be one of the enjoyable activities in the country. However, if you feel like you have no luck in such activity, you can still enjoy fresh seafood in South Korea’s markets.

The biggest fish market in the country is the Jagalchi Fish Market, which is situated in the port city of Busan. You can choose from different varieties of fresh fish and seafood and they can even cook them up for you!


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