Fishing and Smoking Cannabis

Fishing and Smoking Cannabis

Fishing is one of the ancient activities ever done by humans. Many anglers go out to look for fish in the sea, and it takes a lot of time to get a good catch. According to the article published by, the process is considered to be a fun outdoor activity.

Since fishing takes a lot of time, it has been common for some fishermen to smoke marijuana while waiting for a catch. Here are some of the benefits they get when they use it while fishing:

  • Become more friendly with others – Fishing involves many people, and they sometimes may be strangers. However, while smoking marijuana, they can know each other and what they love about fishing, and in the process, important friendships are created.
  • Acts as a pastime activity – Smoking marijuana helps pass the time while waiting for a big catch from the sea. It kills boredom by anglers in the heavy sea tides.
  • Acts as a relaxation product – Fishing is stressful, especially when the sea tides are dangerous. Smoking marijuana helps to relax the fishermen’s nerves to avoid thinking about whether they won’t get a catch or their boats capsizing in water.
  • Creates a good environment – At times, anglers leave their homes and decide to fish for long periods with their friends. Smoking marijuana usually makes them bond while getting the chance to experience life at sea.

Fishing Possibilities

Many people use fishing as a means of:

  • Making a living – Fishers earn their livelihood sources when they go out at sea and get a good catch. The catch is then sold, allowing them to make money in the process.
  • A hobby – Fishing is an important outdoor activity for many people to enjoy themselves and know more about fishing. Some use this means by smoking marijuana to relax while others prefer not to.

Smoking Marijuana in Joint Form

While at sea, fishers usually smoke marijuana in the form of joints. This activity is particularly common among the older fishermen above the age of fifty. They are known to be very intelligent and knowledgeable on matters that involve fishing, and they are treated with plenty of respect.

Superstitions on Smoking Marijuana

Many fishers while at sea usually have weird superstitions while smoking marijuana, particularly concerning bananas. They completely hate bananas and any other types of fruits. The reason is that they believe that bananas bring bad luck and that they bring bad catches while at sea.

Some fishermen and captains usually don’t care about the myth and work comfortably. In contrast, others prefer to throw all fruits off their boats. It is known as one of the most controversial discussions that one can have with an angler.


Fishermen at sea usually say that smoking marijuana helps them to be calm while making important decisions. It is also believed that it helps them analyze everything thrown their way through communication.

Fishing at sea is sometimes known to be a dangerous activity due to tides. Still, it remains the most popular activity by anglers who can smoke marijuana peacefully without any interference.

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