Best Winter Running Jackets for Cold Weather Runs: Review

Winter Running Jackets

Winter is here and the thought of setting out for a run in the cold without you pick the best mens bomber jacket is enough to make the hardiest runner shiver in his shoes. There are hundreds of winter running jackets out there, but do they all provide excellent protection from the elements, lightweight, ventilated comfort for easy winter running — and good value for money?

This article picks out three of the best winter running jackets currently on sale in the shops. So if you are just looking for a new jacket, or hunting for that perfect Christmas present, take a look at these beauties!

Nike Storm Fly Running Jacket

At only 6 oz or 172 grams, this is a seriously lightweight winter running jacket. Available in bright orange, silver, blue and black, this jacket from Nike offers an attractive, fitted design with complete waterproofing. With taped seams and covered vents, as well as a low hem and breatheable fabric, this jacket is made for those cold winter runs. At $118 or £75, this is one of the more expensive winter running jackets, but the combination of thoughtful technical features and stylish design, mean that this jacket has a lot going for it.

Ronhill Advance Zephyr Winter Running Jacket

This good-looking running jacket from Ronhill is certainly designed to keep you warm. Made of black thermalite fabric with a two-layer softshell, this is presented as a windproof running jacket that has been treated with a water repellent coating to keep the rain off. Which doesn’t mean it’s waterproof. It is however reasonably priced at $102 or £65. Much heavier than the Nike Storm Fly at 355 grams or 12 oz, this is a different kind of jacket with a different feel. Unless you were running in torrential rain, the lack of 100% waterproofing shouldn’t be a problem and this Ronhill running jacket features some nice touches, like the reflective tape for high visibility when running at night and the single hand operated draw hem.

Adidas Adizero Gore Windstopper Running Jacket

This winter running jacket from Adidas retails at $157 or £100. At the more expensive end of the market, you’d expect this jacket to stand out from the crowd. Both waterproof and windproof, this two-layer jacket offers a high level of protection from adverse weather conditions. With reflective bands and logos, it will light up well in the dark, and is only available in red with grey reflective flashes. A nice-looking jacket, but pricey.

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